your property could have a before & after

your property could have a before & after

Silk & Burlap utilized the Façade Improvement Program for a new awning

up to $10,000 in matching grant dollars available

up to $10,000 in matching grant dollars available

Little's added an awning with grant $ from the Façade Improvement Program



Façade Improvement

The Partnership can offer you up to $10,000 to upgrade your Downtown Frederick building facade. Interested?


The process is easy! Fill out the easy one page application and you are on your way to a matching grant for your facade improvement. The Partnership will provide 50 percent of the facade improvement costs up to a maximum grant amount of $10,000. Grants can be provided to either the property owner or the tenant/business owner.


The project must be approved prior to beginning work. Painting, awnings, lighting, signage and other projects are eligible for funding.The grants are available to commercial building facades in Downtown Frederick: including, but not limited to, Market Street between South and Seventh Streets, Patrick Street between Bentz and Wisner Streets and in Everedy Square/Shab Row. See application for project details or call the Partnership office at 301.698.8118 for more information. 


Examples of Completed Projects


Vini Culture (20 N Market St)

Before:                                                                                                              After:

20 N Market St jpeg.jpg             20 N Market 1.jpeg


Salvaged (29 E Patrick St)

Before:                                                                                                           After:

29 E Patrick.jpg       29 E Patrick.JPG