I give to the partnership because...

I give to the partnership because...

"I always look forward to the next event and leave each event with a smile on my face and another great memory in my head." - Eric Wildberger, Volunteer

I give to the partnership because...

I give to the partnership because...

"My friends and family are always impressed by what Downtown offers. I give most of the credit for that to the Partnership." - Truby LaGarde, Resident

I give to the partnership because...

I give to the partnership because...

"...We recognize that by supporting downtown, we are contributing to the vitality of our community..." - Michael Proffitt, Business Owner

I give to the partnership because...

I give to the partnership because...

"...the Partnership directly affects my business by helping it to grow and thrive!" - Whitney Bingham, Shop Owner



About Us

Mission Statement

Downtown Frederick Partnership works to enhance, promote and preserve the vitality and economic viability of Downtown Frederick by implementing the national Main Street Program for the benefit of Frederick businesses, residents and visitors.


About the Partnership

Founded in 1990 as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, Downtown Frederick Partnership has managed Downtown Frederick’s Main Street program since designation in 2001. Main Street designation is awarded by Main Street Maryland (State of Maryland) and is recognized by The City of Frederick and the National Trust Main Street Center. 


The Main Street Program is a preservation-based, downtown revitalization approach. The goal of the Main Street Program is to strengthen the vitality of traditional main streets and neighborhoods. 


Working with business and community leaders, the Partnership fully embraces the Main Street Program and oversees the work of four active committees including: the Business Development Committee which works to support our existing businesses and recruit new businesses where necessary, the Design Committee which focuses on the downtown streetscape, policy advocacy and long-term planning,  the Organization Committee which raises funds as well as recruits and thanks volunteers and the Promotion Committee which promotes and brands Downtown Frederick. 


Downtown Frederick has been the recipient of numerous awards.  Most notably:


FY15 Partnership Action Plan


Business Development Committee


Design Committee


Organization Committee


Promotion Committee


FY14 Annual Report

Each year, the Partnership's Organization Committee creates an Annual Report to summarize the organizations' accomplishments of the past year as well as to thank our investors.

To see the results of FY14, please download our FY14 Annual Report. (Note: the Annual Report was created as a foldable poster, so some pages display upside down).



Kara Norman, Executive Director



Brittany Diehl, Promotion and Social Media Manager



Danielle Doll, Development Associate



Caitlin McGrew, Promotion & Events Manager